Restauracja Młyn Zygmunt

Młyn Zygmunt Restaurant is a very interesting place, situated in Jura Krakowsko‑Częstochowska (Cracow‑Czestochowa Upland). It is a building of an old mill which was adapted to a restaurant.

In the inside of our restaurant many elements made of natural stone, wooden mosaics as well as original grinding machines and mill chutes have been preserved.

Thanks to the innovative architectural solutions, we were able to breathe new life into this building, combining both its history and modernity.

Młyn Zygmunt Restaurant is located in the southern part of the Częstochowa district – in the village of Łaziec (Konopiska municipality).

Just behind the building of our restaurant, there is a gravel road which leads to the neighbouring village of Wygoda. Along the road we pass a few ponds in Piła and, about 1 km from our restaurant, there are stables and the riding school – a perfect place to take a horse riding lesson or to rent a horse carriage for a trip.

Another tourist attraction near the restaurant is the pond "Pająk", which is one of the cleanest ponds in the area, with sandy beaches and a newly built sport centre. About 7 km from Młyn Zygmunt there is one of the most beautiful golf courses in Poland.

Residents of Łaziec


Residents of Łaziec


Residents of Łaziec

The mill (view of the back). 1955‑1965

The Mill

View of the front.


In the beginning of 19th century one of thirteen iron mines of the Blachownia region operated in the village of Łaziec. Between 1933 and 1937 the underground iron mine ‘Halina’ operated in the south part of the village and it belonged to the ‘Modrzejów‑Hantke’ Zakłady Górniczo‑Hutnicze S.A. (‘Modrzejów-Hantke’ Mining and Metallurgical Company) in Konopiska.


Between 1934 and 1945 the underground iron mine ‘Maria’, which was a part of the ’Wspólnota Interesów’ Zakłady Górniczo‑Hutnicze S.A. (‘Union of Interests’ Mining and Metallurgical Company) in Częstochowa, operated here.


The village of Łaziec is one of twelve villages within the area of Konopiska municipality. It is situated in the eastern part of the region, by the regional road no. 908, 7 kilometres from the national road no. 1.


The 1960s.